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I am a wife and mother of three kiddos, ages 23, 19, and 12. My husband is the love of my life, and we have been married for 26 years. We love the Lord and purpose to put Him at the center of our home and lives. We are a very active family who loves camping, vacationing, playing with our horses, and our Mustangs. We are very active in our church and enjoy serving with our church family. Health and fitness have been a part of our lives for many years. All three of our kiddos were born via c-section, so needless to say, my stomach has not been the same since my muscles were cut through...UNTIL I began doing my Beachbody workouts. I have been using their products for years, and my results have been amazing. I cannot say enough about the results that can be achieved if you are consistent with the workouts every day.

"What is easy to do is also easy not to do." To do or not to do is the question? Every day I make the choice to press play and complete my workout. I feel full of energy and a sense of accomplishment when my workout is done for the day. I am excited to be on this journey of fitness and hope to bring you along with me. I look forward to seeing all of your fitness, wellness, and life dreams come true. Join me in the journey!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start your journey to getting fit, please contact me at fitforlifebeachbody@yahoo.com or visit me on facebook for additional information http://www.facebook.com/kristicarringtonfitforlife

I would love to coach you to your weight loss and fitness goals and help you transform your life! You just have to say, "YES!"

My Transformation:

I have always had an interest in my fitness, and have been going to the gym for many years either to walk or to take a class. The gym that we were members at was about 35 minutes from home so we would only go 1-2 times per week. I knew I should be working out more consistently than that so I began using Beachbody products to have daily workouts. There were so many to choose from and something was always coming out that I enjoyed...10 Minute Trainer, Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, Body Beast, T25, to 21 Day Fix. Each program proved to be challenging for me and allowed me to see results. The key to getting results was ME! I knew that I had to be consistent every day. I was tired of having a muffin top from my three c-sections. My daughter used to ask me why my stomach looked "that way"... the roll at the top of my scar. "Silly girl, it is because of you!" Well, enough was enough, I decided that I was going to work hard to get rid of my tummy. My results are below so you can see that our programs work if you work them...



You can achieve your goals as well. If you are needing to lose weight or just want to tighten and tone, our programs will work for you. We have challenge groups in place to assist you with your fitness & wellness goals. If you are not sure what challenge groups are or how they work, that is ok. ...... Just go to https://www.facebook.com/kristicarringtonfitforlife or email me for more information at fitforlifebeachbody@yahoo.com. I am here to help you!

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21 Day Fix Gives RESULTS!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Failing is Only Failing if You Give UP!!

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At age 23, Henry Ford set out with his first idea of a gas powered engine. He thought he had struck gold with his Quadricycle. The First Quadricycle ran well, but was too small and incomplete for large scale production. His first failure. He then began work on his second vehicle. It was more compact, but he needed financial backing. He found William Murphy and formed Detroit Automobile Co. They had high hopes for this vehicle, but unfortunately, it had to be reworked. It was taking way too long, and Murphy and the Board of Directors grew restless. They dissolved the company a year and a half later. They lost confidence in Henry Ford.

Ford decided to try again and convinced Murphy to give him another try. They formed the Henry Ford Co., but this was short lived because Murphy pressured Ford to get his design complete and into production. Less than a year and a half later, Ford left the company. He was unphased by his failures as he considered them invaluable lessons. He decided a new business model needed to be developed. He found another financial partner to back him, Alexander Malcomson, and partnered with the Vice President of Ford Motor Co., James Couzens. Malcomson agreed to finance the project, but not meddle with the manufacturing process. He left that to Ford and his team. They began work on the Model A, lightest car ever made. The team worked hard at producing 15 cars per day. The first batch of Model As were less than flawless. They had to send mechanics all over the country to fix problems. He and Couzens kept shipping cars, making mistakes, and learning.

It took five more years and countless failures before Ford Motor Co. came out with the world's best automobile, the Model T. The Model T revolutionized the automobile industry and brought Ford to the forefront of that industry.

Just imagine if Henry Ford would have given up after 1, 2, or even 3 of his failures. Perseverance, determination, and commitment win out. Is there something you need to commit to? Whether in life or fitness related, our daily decisions make up our outcome. I sincerely want to help you overcome your obstacles. I know what it is to experience failure and to find a way to keep getting back up again.

My husband and I lost everything due to a bad decision.  We were forced to sell our home, cars, camper, moved all of our belongings into a storage unit and moved in with my in laws.  It was a very humbling time in our lives, but a time of growth as well.  We knew that even though we were knocked down, we had to keep getting back up.  God has been so good to us and has never let us be without.  We are thankful that we had great family and friends that surrounded us and encouraged us through those really tough days.

Are you in a funk?  Are you in a low point in your life where you can't see past your next footstep?  I can honestly say that I have been there.  You will get through this.  You will find joy on the other side of this time.  Keep the faith, look up, and set your mind on things above.  

Do you need someone to encourage you like we needed someone to encourage us to keep moving?  Life does have a way of pulling you down if you let it.  Make a decision today that your setbacks, disappointments, and failures are not going to define you.  They are not going to decide your future.  Reach out to me!  We have fitness encouragement support groups starting on Facebook.  They are great for anyone who is going through a program or who is looking to get started with their fitness transformation.  I have found that as I work on my fitness, I am also working on my emotional well being.  It all works together. This is for anyone interested in eating cleaner or is just interested in tapping into some free motivation and accountability.  I would love to have you join us. Just message me if you would like more information!  To Your Success!  Keep failing forward!!! :)

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