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"What is easy to do is also easy not to do." To do or not to do is the question? Every day I make the choice to press play and complete my workout. I feel full of energy and a sense of accomplishment when my workout is done for the day. I am excited to be on this journey of fitness and hope to bring you along with me. I look forward to seeing all of your fitness, wellness, and life dreams come true. Join me in the journey!

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I have always had an interest in my fitness, and have been going to the gym for many years either to walk or to take a class. The gym that we were members at was about 35 minutes from home so we would only go 1-2 times per week. I knew I should be working out more consistently than that so I began using Beachbody products to have daily workouts. There were so many to choose from and something was always coming out that I enjoyed...10 Minute Trainer, Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, Body Beast, T25, to 21 Day Fix. Each program proved to be challenging for me and allowed me to see results. The key to getting results was ME! I knew that I had to be consistent every day. I was tired of having a muffin top from my three c-sections. My daughter used to ask me why my stomach looked "that way"... the roll at the top of my scar. "Silly girl, it is because of you!" Well, enough was enough, I decided that I was going to work hard to get rid of my tummy. My results are below so you can see that our programs work if you work them...



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Friday, June 17, 2016

How Body Weight Exercises Build Muscle

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While weight training is often synonymous with looking big and ripped, it’s not the only way to get there. Strategic use of body weight exercises can be just as effective, if not more, than the traditional exercises like the bench press and squat rack. Skeptics, since I know you’re out there, take a look at gymnasts. These athletes are some of the most ripped on the planet and they don’t use weights. Many modern programs make it both safe and effective to get ripped without adding weight.

Gravity and Resistance:
Gravity, not weight, is what we use to build muscle. Gravity creates resistance within our atmosphere, and that resistance can also be termed weight. That’s why the technical term for weight training is “resistance training.” Weights are merely tools that are used in the process of resistance training. They are good ones, too. They allow you to do all sorts of resistance exercises easily, and in a confined space. They also allow you to choose an exact amount of resistance, making using them more versatile than if you were to just rely on body weight and gravity.

They can, however, be limiting and often are. Body weight resistance training uses more natural movement patterns. It forces your body to move functionally, or in a manner that helps your functionality in life. With a little bit of creativity, you can get all the effects of weight training as well as functionality advantages, and add “lack of equipment” to your pile of bad excuses. Let’s take a deeper look at how gravity is your friend.

The Push-Up: The Perfect Example
Let’s begin with an example using an exercise everyone knows: the push-up. Invert a push-up, and add a bar with weight, and you have a bench press. Up until the point you can bench press your body weight, you have two very similar exercises, only one of which requires pumping iron.

For many people, a body weight push-up is completely adequate to build all the muscle you want. It won’t be for everyone, but you can increase the intensity of the push, by switching positions, taking away an arm, etc., to mimic the way you would add weight on a bench press.

Unless you’re in a space ship, there are body weight exercises that will force resistance and build muscle without using added weights.

3 Ways to Use Body Weight Exercises to Build Muscle

In order to continually get stronger, you need to progress over time. With weight, this is easy to do. You just add more. With body weight training, it requires more thought and planning. Here are three ways you can force resistance so that your body will continually adapt, which is how it keeps the muscle growth happening:

1. Make Movements More Difficult
The simplest way to add resistance without weight is by finding more difficult movements. If you’ve done a Beachbody program, which hang their hat on both creativity and utilizing as little equipment as possible, you’ve seen a lot of these variations. From push-up and pull-up variations, to side-to-side yoga movements to almost anything done from the plank position, to hybrids of them all (push-up to side-arm balance anyone?) the possibilities are endless. With this strategy it’s not that hard to create body weight exercises where you fail due to stress at about the same cadence (time under muscular contraction) that you would using added weight.

2. Reduce Stability
Instability is another way to add resistance without weight. This can be done using an unstable platform, like a stability ball, or simply by doing exercises in a balance-challenged position. For example, lifting a leg or an arm off the ground during almost any movement makes it tougher. Again, your goal for resistance training is that point of failure. If lifting a leg or an arm makes it harder to hold the position, you’re strength building.

Stability training forces loads onto more muscles in your body than, say, doing most old school isolation training does. Detractors might say that this takes away from the muscles you are attempting to make larger, which is true. But isolation training is also old school. Stability training has a better overall training effect on the body. And a stronger training effect means that you have a more solid fitness base and can thus push harder in other areas. That leads to muscle growth with a more functional effect and a reduced risk of being injured.

3. Do Plyometrics

Plyometric training uses gravity at its highest loading capacity by going airborne. It’s one of the most effective tools there is for building absolute strength and changing body composition. Often called jump training, it’s actually ballistic training of all types, upper, lower, or core: anything that force you to explode on takeoff and then land after a period of being airborne. This process greatly exceeds the training effect that can be done using static weight in almost any application by forcing eccentric muscular contractions, which tell your body to fire something called high threshold muscle cell motor units.

Plyometric training forces powerful and quick adaptations in the body that both add strength and build muscle much faster than traditional weight training. Because they are so stressful, it’s vital that this style of training be done strategically. Used correctly in conjunction with the above, as well as proper recovery modalities, they create a template for getting ripped quickly that cannot be matched, weight or no weight.

Admittedly, there are limitations to how large you can get with body weight training. Every bodybuilder, at least in the last 50 years, has used weight training to augment the size of their muscles. If getting huge is your be-all-end-all, it will, at some point, become limiting to avoid adding some iron to your program. But if your goals lie anywhere shy of an Olympic gymnast, a creative mind then good old gravity is all you need to reach your dreams.

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